Saturday, March 24, 2012


This post is a sequel to a post called Amazing Things You Find in Nature.

I have a lot of animals in my backyard. Some are just nice, harmless ones such as quail and deer. However, other animals are not nice at all. Those are called predators. The predators eat other animals!

First of all, I have a bobcat that lives in a huge plain area behind my backyard.

Photo by Gregg (Royce's dad).

Here is a picture of the bobcat. He is light brown with some dark grey and black spots. 

Photo by Gregg.

You can see his muscles when he walks.

He is never scared of the sound of the camera, and when you see him, and you are outside (which I never have been), just back away slowly and go inside

Photo by Gregg.

Now, it looks like he is creeping in a green and brown forest and is about to pounce on another animal.

Next, there are the coyotes. I have never seen them trying to kill any animals before, but they do kill.

Photo by Tara (Royce's mom)

Here is a coyote. It is almost the evening, therefore it is kind of hard to see it. 

There is actually another coyote in this picture. Can you find it?

I've seen this last animal in my yard, but it is not in my backyard. It likes to be out on hot days and has something noisy near the end of its body.

Photo by Linda (neighbor)

Here is a photo of it.

Can you guess what he is?

Have you ever seen a bobcat? If so, what did you do when you saw him?

Have you seen a coyote? Where were you? 

What kinds of predators have you seen in your backyard or just around town?

P.S. Click here for a link to a predator in my Aunt Joann and Uncle Charlie's backyard.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Bird of Prey

Guest Post by Aunt Joann and Uncle Charlie

In my Aunt Joann and Uncle Charlie's backyard, there was an amazing site! A Cooper Hawk was about to kill a woodpecker!

You can see the Cooper Hawk. It is the large grey bird. The woodpecker is the little bird with a wing with yellow stripes on it. 

Before the Cooper hawk could kill the woodpecker, Uncle Charlie ran towards it! 

The Cooper Hawk thinks that Uncle Charlie is an enemy.

The Cooper Hawk decided to let go of the woodpecker and fly away!

Hooray for Uncle Charlie! 
The woodpecker was saved!
As you can see, the woodpecker has a red face. His face is not covered in blood; his face is just red in general.

Have you ever seen a bird try to kill another bird?

Have you ever seen a Cooper Hawk or a Woodpecker?