Learn HTML code!

Learn HTML code!

Here is how you use italics, bold, and make a hyper link.



                                 This is italics:

          <i>italicized word</b> You get
an italicized word.

The hyper link gets a little tricky. 

                            <a href="url">link word</a> The url is the big ugly letters/numbers at the top of a page. Here is an example: http://thevoiceofroyce.blogspot.com/

Be sure to quote the url and be sure to type href=. If you mess up one little bit on a link, it will become a dead link.

Here are some HTML codes.

• &#9812; = ♔

• &hearts; = ♥

• &#9713; = ♖

• &#9819; = ♚

• &#9876; =

• &#9875; = 

&#9981; = 

&#9987; = 

• &#9882; =  

&#9884; = 

&#9999; = 

• &#9889; = 

&#9888; = 

There are way more, but I cannot list every one. Just try a random thing. Make sure it starts with &# and make sure it
 ends with ;. You will get any random thing (I do not know how that trash can is colored red). Click here for some more HTML codes on Mrs. Yollis blog.

P.S. I have a page with every single HTML code, so that is where I got the four lightning bolts and some of the codes in the list. 


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