Thursday, June 14, 2012


My nana (grandma) came for the weekend, and she loves to manufacture crafts. She is also the one who owns all the Christmas toys.  We decided to do animation. The animation I wanted to do is the type where you take a series of pictures that you change a minute bit in every picture, and if you click through them fast, they look like a miniature movie. My nana thought I meant the old kind of animation. In that kind, you draw pictures on a notepad and you flip through the pages fast to see a little movie.

My sister, Tabby, wanted to do the old type of animation. While I set up my scene and took pictures, Nana made short notebooks for Tabby and herself. They worked for about a half hour on their projects and they turned out great! When I was finished, they said mine was excellent! Do you agree with them?

What was your favorite part of my animation?

Are you going to try it yourself?


  1. Dear Royce,

    This was a very interesting post. We call the type of animation you made "stop motion" I think. Is that what you call it?

    I thought your animation was excellent. I have only tried it once or twice and it is quite time consuming.

    I remember those old flip book animations that Tabby and your nana made too. They are fun to make!

    This was a very well written post. You used interesting language, such as "manufacture" instead of a simple word like "make". I also like the way you linked to the post about the Christmas toys so your reader could get some background information.

    I think I could try stop motion animation with my class when I get back from the USA. Do you have any tips?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    1. Dear Mrs. Morris,

      Thank you for the great comment.

      Yes, the animation that I constructed is called stop motion animation. I just call it animation.

      Here are two tips:

      • Balance the camera on a solid object or use a tripod.

      • Make sure you mention the title of your animation, or people will not get it.

      I am exited for you, Mrs. Yollis, Mr. Morris, and Mr. Yollis to come to my house for a little meet-and-greet! I can't wait!


    2. Dear Royce,

      Thank your for you lovely reply and for providing me with two excellent tips. I will be sure to remember your advice.

      I am very excited to meet you, your family and your friends! It is so very kind and thoughtful of your mum to organise the get-together. I was thrilled to hear that a number of students can attend.

      Mr Morris and I are getting ready for our trip and we fly out in a few days.

      Is there anything special in Los Angeles that you think we should see or do while we're in town?

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

  2. Dear Royce,

    What a powerful piece! The music was the perfect complement to the battle.

    I agree with what Mrs. Morris said about your writing. You always choose high level vocabulary words to take your writing to the next level. Did you get a readability statistic on it? I bet it is high school level!

    I've created flip books like your grandmother and Tabby made. I've used the yellow Post-it tablets to make them. Usually I make a stick figure walking across the paper, or I've made a stick figure hitting a baseball out of the park (out of the booklet). :-) It is fun!

    Everyone is looking forward to meeting Mrs. Morris and Mr. Morris at your house in two weeks. We will have an excellent time! I sure appreciate your mom! She is so thoughtful to have put together such a wonderful event!

    Your former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Loved the animation and the music. The fight scene was great. Glad you has such a good time with Nanna.

  4. Hi Royce,
    We really enjoyed the creativity of your stop motion animation. You picked a good subject and great back up music. It would be fun making an animation but you would have to teach us how. Maybe we could make one when you come to visit us in August.
    Grandma and Grandpa.

  5. Dear Royce

    I really enjoyed your creativity of the stop motion animation!
    It was really amazing how you did it, the music went perfectly with the stop motion and I like how you made the note come through as well.
    I have not used stop motion before but looking at your stop motion it made me want to do it even more!
    Was making your stop motion challenging?

    Cody, Room 24



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