Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Skiing Trip to Big Bear

Recently, my family went on a vacation to the town of Big Bear. The best part of my trip was skiing.

Skiing is so fun!

I had never been skiing before, so I had to take skiing lessons. My instructor's name was Caren. 

Here Caren and I are skiing.

Skiing, in my opinion, is really hard at first, but then it got easier. First, Caren and I went on a small ski lift to the top of a small mountain covered in man-made snow. I could see my sister, Tabby, and her teacher, Debbie, skiing down the mountain that I was just about to ski down.

I couldn't get a picture of her on the ski lift, but here she is just getting to the bottom of the mountain.

Like I said earlier, skiing can be hard at first, so I fell a lot learning to ski.

Oh no! I fell down!
The skiing mountain that I went to, Snow Summit, also had snowboarders. They fell down Way more then the skiers. It was really hard getting off the ski lift, because there was a huge group of snowboarders at the top, who had fallen on the ground. It was hard to get past them.

Not only were there ski lifts, but there were "magic carpets." Those are like escalators, but they are flat. An escalator has stairs, but a "magic carpet" doesn't. 

Here we are on the "magic carpet."

For our last run, Caren told me that I could go to a skiing area that was a mile long! It was called Summit Run. It was HUGE! Some of it was hard, and some of it was easy. Most of it was a green square, and some of it was a blue square.

Here is the key:

■ Green square represents easy

Blue square represents medium

♦ Black diamond represens hard

♦♦ Two black diamonds represent extremely hard

First, we rode on a gigantic ski lift. When we got to the top, there was a restaurant. We didn't stop to eat. We just skied down the mountain until we got to the blue square part. We rested on the side, watching other skiers zooming down past us. There was even a boy with a camera!

When we were done resting, Caren told me that I was about to go down the part of the track that was a blue square. We got back on the hill and RACED down the mountain. The other skiers almost hit me! When we got past the blue square area, I was awfully tired and relived. We darted down the rest of the track, and I was so excited to see my dad, sister, and mom. 

Big Bear was awesome!


  1. What a great vacation. You and Tabbi are almost ready for the Olympic Ski team. What does a skier say when he wants complete quiet as he/she skis down the mountain? SHOOOOOOSH.

    1. Dear Papa,

      Thanks for leaving me a comment!

      I do not want to be in the Olympics for some reason. I like watching them though, mostly the summer Olympics.

      What a funny joke! Thanks for posting a joke every time you comment!


  2. ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼

    Dear Royce,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this narrative about your trip to Big Bear. A narrative is a fancy way of saying a written account of connected events; a story.

    When I was in high school, many moons ago, I learned to ski at Big Bear! Can you believe that?
    I didn't take any lessons, I just learned from my friends who had skied many times. Learning how to snow plow was a big deal and quite useful.

    About ten year ago I decided to try to learn how to snowboard. For that, I took lessons. Even though I could ski, snowboarding was totally different. I fell so many times, I felt like I'd never get it! With a lot of practice, I finally was able to go down some beginner hills. Looking at your pictures makes me want to go back and try it again.

    It looked like you had good weather. What was the air temperature?

    Did you do any other fun activities in the snow besides skiing?

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼ ☃ ☼

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Fabulous comment! Thanks for leaving one.

      The air temperature was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I was really hot after getting to the bottom of summit run, because skiing makes you really tired and hot.

      For some reason, I do not like snowboarding that much. I LOVE tubing, but unfortunately, I didn't snap any pictures of me tubing.

      I like how you used moons, not years!


  3. Dear Royce,

    Great post!

    We have never gone skiing, but it looks fun in our opinions. Parsa has gone to Big Bear before, but he did sledding instead of skiing.

    Did you rent the cabin?

    Your friend,

    1. Dear Parsa,

      Fantastic comment!

      Yes, we did rent a cabin. The cabin was also really close to the mountain.

      It only snowed once, but it snowed very little. We did not make a little hill out of the snow, and we did not bring sleds. We did something very similar called tubing. It is sledding but on a REALLY high mountain with tubes instead of sleds. It is very fun!


  4. Dear Royce,

    I love your post!

    This year I am also going to Big Bear to ski. When I was taking lessons at Mammoth my teachers' name was Alex. First I went to the place for beginners called the bunny hill. I was horrible. Fortunately, I got better. The next Friday I was on the big hill with my dad. I still fell, but I was way better.


    1. Dear Aidan,

      Thanks for the comment!

      What a weird name for a hill. The beginner hill in Big Bear was just called The Beginner Hill, and compared to The Bunny Hill, it is a really boring name!

      I also fell a lot when I was learning to ski, but I got better within an hour. Summit Run was a big hill but not the biggest hill, so I would say that I went on the medium hill.


  5. Dear Royce,

    As you know, I went to Big Bear as well. The last time I went there I went skiing just like you. This time I started snowboarding. If your parents snowboard, you must have heard them saying it is very hard to learn how to snowboard. I really don't think it is that hard, and I kind of think it is pretty easy in the beginning. All you really do in the beginning is slide down hill and try to balance. When I was first starting to snowboard I too went on the magic carpet. Have you gone on the puma before? I have also done skiing in my previous trips to Big Bear.

    Do you think you will take on snowboarding as well?
    Have you been to the Roller coaster chair lift?


  6. Dear Royce,
    We are very impressed with how well you and Tabby were skiing considering it was your first time. Knowing you both so well and what natural athletes you are, we were not suprised. We enjoyed looking at the pictures and it was weird seeing snow in southern California. It is always better to take lessons the first time you go skiing so you can learn the basics of skiing safely. Grandma and I remember taking your mom and uncle Justin skiing several times in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.
    Do you have plans to go skiing again? Would you ever consider buying your own pair of skis?
    We are happy you had such a great vacation.
    Grandma and Grandpa

  7. Dear Royce,
    I liked your post. It sounds like you really like skiing. I like skiing, too. What was your favorite trail? Can you ski on any black diamond trails yet?



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