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This post is a sequel to a post called Amazing Things You Find in Nature.

I have a lot of animals in my backyard. Some are just nice, harmless ones such as quail and deer. However, other animals are not nice at all. Those are called predators. The predators eat other animals!

First of all, I have a bobcat that lives in a huge plain area behind my backyard.

Photo by Gregg (Royce's dad).

Here is a picture of the bobcat. He is light brown with some dark grey and black spots. 

Photo by Gregg.

You can see his muscles when he walks.

He is never scared of the sound of the camera, and when you see him, and you are outside (which I never have been), just back away slowly and go inside

Photo by Gregg.

Now, it looks like he is creeping in a green and brown forest and is about to pounce on another animal.

Next, there are the coyotes. I have never seen them trying to kill any animals before, but they do kill.

Photo by Tara (Royce's mom)

Here is a coyote. It is almost the evening, therefore it is kind of hard to see it. 

There is actually another coyote in this picture. Can you find it?

I've seen this last animal in my yard, but it is not in my backyard. It likes to be out on hot days and has something noisy near the end of its body.

Photo by Linda (neighbor)

Here is a photo of it.

Can you guess what he is?

Have you ever seen a bobcat? If so, what did you do when you saw him?

Have you seen a coyote? Where were you? 

What kinds of predators have you seen in your backyard or just around town?

P.S. Click here for a link to a predator in my Aunt Joann and Uncle Charlie's backyard.


  1. Dear Royce,
    It's amazing that you have these predators in the property beyond your backyard. It's also amazing that when they were there your Mom and Dad were able to take pictures of them. We weren't able to find the second coyote in the picture. Where is it? It looks like a baby rattlesnake on the rock. Very scary. Linda is very brave. This is a very interesting and informative blog, great job, we are so proud of you.
    See you soon,
    Grandma and Grandpa.

    1. Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

      Thank you for leaving me a comment!

      Do you see the little brown hill just behind the first coyote? That is the second one. It is taking a nap, and the first coyote is guarding it.

      Yes, the creature on the rock is a baby rattle snake. Remember when you saw the rattle snake when I was little? Linda is probably the bravest mom in my cul-de-sac. My mom or the other moms could never even go that close to a snake!


  2. Dear Royce,

    Wow! What spectacular photos! I was gobsmacked to see a bobcat in your backyard. Although I've lived in this area most of my life, I've never seen on. How often do you see the feline? I researched some facts and was surprised to learn that they have a very short life span. They only live six to eight years in the wild.

    I have seen lots of wildlife in my backyard. Two of my favorites are documented on the Yollis 366 Project. Here is a one of a Backyard Bunny. We never see rabbits in our backyard, but last year we did. At least we saw them for a few days. After that, we couldn't find them. I think a predator like a great horned owl or hawk got the rabbits.

    My favorite backyard photo is of Birdy, the hummingbird. Mr. Yollis and I rescued. It was a lot of work raising Birdy, but is was well worth it!

    How many times have you seen the bobcat?

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs Yollis,

      Thank you for the comment! I see the bobcat about twice every three months; not that often. My parents used to see a bobcat when they first moved into the house in 2000. This one must be its baby.

      I have probably seen the bobcat 16 times.


  3. Dear Royce,

    One time, I saw a bobcat's leftovers (yuk). At my friends house there was a coyote in her backyard. In the last photo, I think that animal is a rattle snake.

    Has the bobcat ever got in your backyard?

    Your Friend,

    1. ⚔⚓⚔⚓⚔⚓R♔yce⚓⚔⚓⚔⚓⚔April 17, 2012 at 1:19 PM

      Dear Logan,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Yes, you were right. The animal in the last picture is a rattlesnake.

      The bobcat has gotten into my backyard, but I have never been in the backyard with the bobcat. When my parents were in the backyard with the bobcat, they just backed away slowly into the house.


  4. Dear Royce,

    I really enjoyed reading your wonderful post! Were you scared when you saw the fierce bobcat?

    I have seen many coyotes when I am driving home in the evening from gymnastics. Usually the coyote is very skinny, and he is looking for prey to kill. I have never seen any predators in my backyard and I hope I never do.


    1. ⚔⚓⚔⚓⚔⚓R♔yce⚓⚔⚓⚔⚓⚔April 17, 2012 at 1:33 PM

      @ Sarah,

      Thanks for the magnificent comment!

      I was not scared when I witnessed the bobcat because I knew I was safe inside my cozy house.

      The coyotes show up at night, so it is hard to take pictures of them. I get lots of pictures of rattlesnakes and the bobcat.


  5. Dear Royce,

    Amazing post! Yes, I have seen a rattle snake at a zoo, but not in nature. I have seen a gardner snake in the wild. I have never seen a bobcat in wild, but my old dog Chadney, well when he was yonger acted like a bobcat. He killed a bird and a squirrel and brought both inside to the front door. In my opinion that is very gross!

    Is it hard to handle a blog? What are the pros and what are the cons?


  6. Dear Royce,

    I adore your post about predators! Once, when my mom and I were driving in our neighborhood, we saw a skinny coyote on the street just walking bye. We had to wait a half an hour till the coyote moved. We've learned never to touch a wild animal. First of all, it might be sick. Second of all, they might be dangerous.

    In my old friend's backyard, were she lived there were fierce bears. One day, when she went in her backyard, she saw a huge bear! She started screaming and ran for help. That was a mistake. The bear got and came after her. Her parents came and animal control and helped her. She told me never to run at an animal!


  7. Dear, Royce

    Those are great photos!

    I have some questions about the photos:

    Did you calmly go back inside?

    Have you seen other strange animals?

    If so what were are those animals?

    The second animal was a snake.
    The other coyote was in the bush taking a nap.

    Your Friend,

  8. Dear Royce,

    I was just checking out some student blogs and I'm glad I stopped by your site. This is a very interesting post!

    I was especially interested in your post because we don't have the animals that you described here in Australia.

    I have never seen a bobcat or a coyote. In fact I didn't even know what a bobcat was! I looked on Wikipedia to find out a little bit about it. I would not like to see a bobcat in the wild; they look scary!

    In Australia, a bobcat is a type of tractor used to dig up dirt on a construction site. Do you call them bobcats as well?

    Do you ever hear coyotes howling?

    Here in Australia, some predators are dingos, sharks, crocodiles, and different species of snakes and spiders. Luckily, I have never had a problems with Australian predators!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris



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