Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Skiing Trip to Big Bear

Recently, my family went on a vacation to the town of Big Bear. The best part of my trip was skiing.

Skiing is so fun!

I had never been skiing before, so I had to take skiing lessons. My instructor's name was Caren. 

Here Caren and I are skiing.

Skiing, in my opinion, is really hard at first, but then it got easier. First, Caren and I went on a small ski lift to the top of a small mountain covered in man-made snow. I could see my sister, Tabby, and her teacher, Debbie, skiing down the mountain that I was just about to ski down.

I couldn't get a picture of her on the ski lift, but here she is just getting to the bottom of the mountain.

Like I said earlier, skiing can be hard at first, so I fell a lot learning to ski.

Oh no! I fell down!
The skiing mountain that I went to, Snow Summit, also had snowboarders. They fell down Way more then the skiers. It was really hard getting off the ski lift, because there was a huge group of snowboarders at the top, who had fallen on the ground. It was hard to get past them.

Not only were there ski lifts, but there were "magic carpets." Those are like escalators, but they are flat. An escalator has stairs, but a "magic carpet" doesn't. 

Here we are on the "magic carpet."

For our last run, Caren told me that I could go to a skiing area that was a mile long! It was called Summit Run. It was HUGE! Some of it was hard, and some of it was easy. Most of it was a green square, and some of it was a blue square.

Here is the key:

■ Green square represents easy

Blue square represents medium

♦ Black diamond represens hard

♦♦ Two black diamonds represent extremely hard

First, we rode on a gigantic ski lift. When we got to the top, there was a restaurant. We didn't stop to eat. We just skied down the mountain until we got to the blue square part. We rested on the side, watching other skiers zooming down past us. There was even a boy with a camera!

When we were done resting, Caren told me that I was about to go down the part of the track that was a blue square. We got back on the hill and RACED down the mountain. The other skiers almost hit me! When we got past the blue square area, I was awfully tired and relived. We darted down the rest of the track, and I was so excited to see my dad, sister, and mom. 

Big Bear was awesome!