Thursday, June 14, 2012


My nana (grandma) came for the weekend, and she loves to manufacture crafts. She is also the one who owns all the Christmas toys.  We decided to do animation. The animation I wanted to do is the type where you take a series of pictures that you change a minute bit in every picture, and if you click through them fast, they look like a miniature movie. My nana thought I meant the old kind of animation. In that kind, you draw pictures on a notepad and you flip through the pages fast to see a little movie.

My sister, Tabby, wanted to do the old type of animation. While I set up my scene and took pictures, Nana made short notebooks for Tabby and herself. They worked for about a half hour on their projects and they turned out great! When I was finished, they said mine was excellent! Do you agree with them?

What was your favorite part of my animation?

Are you going to try it yourself?