Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flying Kites

In April, my good friend Sammy's mom, Dana, came into Mrs. Yollis' class and conduced an art project. I know her very well! The art project was for each student to make a kite out of paper. Here are the directions, so you can make one at home.

*                   *                    *                   *                   *                   * 

Step 1. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Then open the paper and make a one inch mark on each side of the paper, five inches in from the side. Put the two marks together and fold the paper back on itself on each side until the paper is flat. Tape the two sides together.

Notice the sides are not rectangles. They are trapezoids. The part that sticks up (the part with the string attached to it) is another trapezoid. Photo by Royce.
Step 2. (optional) On the bottom of your kite, draw any design you want. You cannot see the design that I drew in the photo above. 

Step 3.  Do not worry if your kite will not stay together. Attach a wooden stick across the bottom of your kite using tape. Try not to cover your designs (step 2).

Step 4. Collect a rainbow colored piece of fabric, and cut the inside of the end just a tiny bit. The end should be split into two pieces of fabric that are connected to one. Look in the picture above. Glue or tape one end of the cut fabric to one side of the stick-up middle part and the other end to the other side of it. You have your tail!

Step 5. For your final step, punch a hole into the end without the tail on the stick-up middle flap. Tie a LONG STRING to the hole. The longer the string, the higher the kite can fly. Tape the other end of your string to a toilet paper role. You can ravel or unravel your string on the toilet paper role without it falling off because it is taped. 

 *                   *                    *                   *                   *                   * 

Here are some pictures of my class playing with their kites:

Playing  outside the classroom. I hope they all had fun with their kites!
Photo by Mrs. Yollis

Still outside the classroom. I bet they would play with them every day!
Photo by Mrs. Yollis

Did you make a kite following my instructions?

In the comment section, make up a story about a kite.

A special thanks to Dana for sharing this wonderful art project with Mrs. Yollis' class! 

Thanks Dana!


  1. Dear Royce,

    Great post! My mom said "Thank you for crediting me!" I love that you gave instructions on how to make kites. They flew very well! Now I always fly them in my back yard! In my opinion, this is your best post.


  2. I enjoyed reading about how to make and have fun with kites. When I was a boy, we bought Kite Kits and added our own customizing to them. We flew them at the parks and on the beach. I remember running with the kite to elevate it;and letting out the string as the kite got higher and higher.
    Thanks, Royce, for bringing back the memories.

  3. Dana (Sammy's mom)May 5, 2012 at 9:50 PM


    Of course I love the topic of your most recent post! I'm so glad you had fun making those kites. What a great job you did explaining to your readers how to make the kites! We were so lucky that afternoon that the winds picked up and the kites actually soared through the air. We were also very lucky that it didn't rain that afternoon!

    Keep up the great work on your blog!

    Your friend,

    Dana (Sammy's mom)

  4. Dear Royce,
    You have brought back fond memories of flying kites when we were children. We would buy pre-made paper kites for 50 cents at the corner candy store, then beg our moms for rags to tear into strips to use for the tails. We could not fly our kites in the street because of the trees and electrical wires so we had to ride our bikes to the park which had open spaces. Unfortunately, our kites never really went very high.
    You gave excellent directions for making your own kite. You and your classmates look like you were having a great time flying your handmade kites in your schoolyard.
    Who's kite flew the highest?

    Grandma and Grandpa

  5. Dear Royce,

    What a fabulous post about our kite craft! I must compliment you on your blogging netiquette! You always do a nice job with giving credit.

    I love the way you outlined the steps so clearly. Making the numbers large and making each step a different color really helped make each step pop out.

    How high were you able to get your kite?

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  6. Dear Royce,

    What a fabulous idea to share the kite craft on your blog. Even more impressive to me is that you made a kite for all your friends at your birthday party! That must have taken you a very long time to make all of those.

    Have you flown your kites in your spacious backyard? If so, I wonder it the bobcat caught a glimpse? =)

    (Rexon's mom)

  7. ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙ M♥a ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙May 11, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    Dear Royce,

    I love your post! I cherished making kites because it was so fun! After school when my kite was all ready to fly, I went in my backyard to fly it. It was really funny because my dog would start jumping and trying to catch the kite. Victory was his, he got the kite!

    My favorite photograph would be the picture Mrs. Yollis took of all of our class flying our kites. I liked Kelly's movement the most because she looked as if she was doing the monkey! (The monkey is a dance were you jump up and down, while your hands are swinging up and down).

    I did make another kite with your instructions, except I didn't have the pretty rainbow streamer like yours, I had plain black but it was okay because I made bows with my rubber bands!

    Did you make more kites?

    Your Classmate,
    ⚔ ⚔ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙ M♥a ⚔ ⚔ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙

  8. Dear Royce,

    Great post, Royce. On the day I got the kite, I was flying my kite 2-47. It was so much fun I couldn't stop flying it. My kite was green. The one you gave me for your birthday was green.

    Your friend , Matthew

  9. Hi Royce,
    I am Libby from 4KM.
    This is a great post. My favourite part about this post is how you put in instructions so when people visit your blog when their at home they can make it themselves!

    Happy Blogging.
    Your pal,
    Libby :mrgreen:

  10. Kite flying helps in improving eye sight as eye lids are to be moved constantly along with every changing moment of the kite fly high up in the sky. Flying of kite under blue colour of the sky also provides soothness to our eyes.
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